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Holiday Hairstyles for Natural Hair –

It’s the season to try holiday hairstyles for natural hair If you’re interested in all kinds of holiday and daily hairstyles for natural hair, check out my full page of natural hairstyle inspiration HERE.

First and foremost, the holiday season is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to have fun and create holiday hairstyles for natural hair! If you’re gathering with loved ones, your hairstyle can be the cherry on top of your festive look. I created some videos on IG here. Also, if you’re interested in holiday looks for the office, check out the article here! Embracing your natural hair texture can add a touch of elegance, confidence, and joy to any occasion. So, let’s dive into some gorgeous holiday hairstyles that will make heads turn during this holiday season.

1. Elegant Textured Updo Gather your hair into a high or low puff and add sophistication by smoothing the edges. Additionally, you can also incorporate braids or twists leading up to the puff for an intricate touch. Finally, to make it holiday-ready, adorn it with a decorative hair clip or a sparkly headwrap.

2. Radiant Twist-Outs Twist-outs offer a beautiful way to showcase your hair’s natural texture. However, set your twists, allow them to dry, then unravel them for voluminous, defined curls. Last but not least, pair this style with a dazzling hairpin or a festive headband for extra flair.

3. Natural Holiday Hair Afro Puff – So, let your hair flourish with a loose high or low puff and add sophistication by smoothing the edges. Of course, you can also incorporate playful accessories for an intricate touch. Finally, to make it holiday-ready, adorn it with a decorative hair clip or a sparkly headwrap.

4. Glamorous Holiday Hair Halo Braid Create a stunning halo braid by braiding around your head, framing your face beautifully. Enhance this look by pulling out a few strands near the front to create a soft, romantic vibe. For a festive touch, weave in some glittering hairpins or tiny ornaments.

5. Festive Hairstyle Frohawk A frohawk combines the elegance of an updo with the boldness of an afro. Part your hair down the middle or create multiple parts for a more intricate look. For a holiday twist, weave in some ribbon or incorporate small, colorful hair accessories along the sides.

6. Sparkling Twisted Braid Craft a regal twisted braid by intertwining a scarf into a braid. Add a touch of sparkle by using hair glitter or tiny jewels along the braid. This style is sure to make you feel like holiday royalty.

Remember, while experimenting with holiday hairstyles for natural hair, prioritize the health of your hair by using quality products, I’ve linked my favorite ones here. Embrace your hair’s natural beauty and let your creativity shine this holiday season. Also, whether you’re rocking a chic updo or letting your curls cascade freely, the most important thing is to feel confident and comfortable in your skin.

So, get ready to slay the holiday season with these fabulous holiday hairstyles for your natural hair, and let your hair be the conversation starter at every festive gathering!

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