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What Are The Benefits Of Baobab? Let’s Try The Pantene Hydrating Glow Collection

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The natural hair experience, is a journey for sure. One thing that I love about this journey is finding products that work well for my hair routine. This year marks 10 years of me being natural and I swear I learn something new regularly. Lately, trying out new products and brands to venture out and learn more about ingredients that my hair takes well to has been fun and exciting. I will say that since my hair is so coily, I love products that contain ingredients that are hydrating and moisturizing to help combat dryness. When the Hydrating Glow with Baobab Essence Collection by Pantene Nutrient Blends came out and I saw the reviews, I had to get my hands on it ASAP.

What is intriguing about this line is the variety of hair textures that it’s applicable to. I will be honest, I can get skeptical about trying new lines that aren’t geared SPECIFCALLY for natural coily and curly hair textures. However, what’s so pertinent about this line are the hydrating ingredients. This collection is also free of sulfates, parabens, dye and mineral oil, which is extremely important to prevent hair dryness

For instance, sulfates may strip your hair from it’s natural oils leaving your hair dry and unhealthy. Products that contain parabens can cause hair dryness. Also, mineral oil in products may minimize your hair’s ability to absorb moisture, resulting in dryness. Ultimately, since this line contains none of these, trying the Pantene Nutrient Blends Hydrating Glow Collection with Baobab Essence was an easy yes for me! You can purchase it here!

Pantene Hydrating Glow Collection Review

Hydrating Glow Collection Products

The Hydrating Glow Collection contains 3 products: shampoo, conditioner, and serum. Please get your hands on this line because this collection smells DIVINE. Sweet but not overpowering

The Hydrating Glow Shampoo contains pro vitamin B5, antioxidants and Baobab Essence which help to cleanse your hair and scalp and my hair felt moisturized. 
The Hydrating Glow Conditioner is not too heavy, but it’s not too light either. It does a good job of penetrating the hair shaft. It also smells really great. Overall it leaves my hair feeling soft and moisturized. 
The Hydrating Glow Serum is SUPER light. It doesn’t have a sticky feeling, and you can use on wet or dry hair. I’d prefer to use this product on wash and goes or wet styles. This serum can help to add additional moisture and glow to your hair routine between washes.

Baobab Oil Benefits

As a Nigerian, it’s intriguing when I come across ingredients from my motherland. I’m an avid user of shea butter, so learning about baobab oil, and that it’s from Tanzania was exciting. The Baobob tree is where the oil is taken from and can grow for over 1,000 years and is known as the “Tree of Life.” The reason why it can grow so long is due to it’s ability to store massive amounts of water.

This tree provides a multitude of uses to the Tanzanian community. One being the use of the baobab oil which many Tanzanian women throughout the years have incorporated into their beauty routines. The oil helps to combat dryness for the skin and hair.


Hair Routine


My hair routine derives from my mother and older sisters. Before I got relaxers/perms as a child my mom and sisters would do my hair. I would spend my weekend mornings sitting in front of either my mom or sisters as parting, combing, and moisturizing my hair was very routine to get my hair into a protective style of some sort which became a huge part of my weekly hair routine.


Now that I’m older I incorporate a lot of care and patience into my hair routine. Detangling and moisturizing my hair from ends to the roots is critical when doing any style! And I always love to ensure that when detangling, I’m incorporating products that focus on hydration and moisture so that I lessen breakage as much as possible. 


The process of taking the time to wash, moisturize, detangle and then style my hair has stuck with me since I was a child. I do like to take the time to care for my hair. Not only does it make me feel good, I know it’s ultimately good for my hair’s health and growth. I also prioritize finding products and ingredients that are moisturizing and that make my hair feel and smell good. Check this line out, you will NOT be disappointed!

Check out my hair page for my articles about natural hair products and natural styles at work here! And be sure to pick up the Nutrient Blends Hydrating Glow with Baobab Essence at Meijer here.

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